Brand: Corvus Belli

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Box with:

  • 1x CLIPPER DRONBOT (Smart Missile Launcher)


Dronbot is an acronym for Drone Robot. These semi-autonomous, auxiliary robot units can be highly optimized for a variety of tasks. The Pathfinder Dronbot is the ultimate manifestation of electronic sensitivity, a mobile platform for a sophisticated array of receivers, short-range and medium-range sensors, antennae, radio reception, network connections and the like, all geared towards giving its army every ounce of information about the battlefield, and detecting and eliminating hidden enemies in the process. A less subtle alternative is the Sierra Dronbot, a robotic gunman that boasts improved reaction servos, a heavy machine gun and an automated trigger system. Sierras are usually tasked with perimeter defense, responding with devastating firepower to any enemy advance. The PanOceanian military has also equipped Dronbots with guided missile modules, whose range makes for very effective rear deployment. These have been given the codename Clippers, and with the help of a satellite-assisted forward observer they can pour a cascade of destruction over any enemies, locating their targets with perfect precision and destroying them from a safely guarded position. The Dronbot model built for speed is the Fugazi series, a high-mobility platform for a repeater device, quickly and inexpensively deployed to broaden the area of influence of PanOceanian hackers.

Sierra DronbotClipper Dronbot