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Blister with:

  • 1x AKAL COMMANDO (Spitfire)


The Akalis is an airborne Sikh regiment. This elite mobile unit has the mission of jumping behind enemy lines and wreaking havoc among their ranks by striking poorly defended angles. The Akalis Commando Regiment is fully qualified for immediate land, sea, air and orbital deployment, occupation of a combat area and, if required, repeated aerial and ground assaults to neutralize enemy forces and capture and control key locations and facilities. The Akalis Commandos recruit their members exclusively from among the best warriors of Sikh ethnicity. Their demanding training starts even before they are scouted, as all Sikh children practice the martial art of Gatka. This battle-tested form of combat survives as an integral part of the Sikh culture. Akalis (singular Akal) can be translated as “the Timeless”, a fitting name for this regiment not so much due to their status of constant readiness as due to the perilous situations they are thrown into.

Akalis Sikh Commandos