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Blister with:

  • 1x CAMERONIAN (2 Chain Rifles)


Deas Gu Cath” (Ready for the fray). Gaelic motto of the Cameronian Regiment

“Let's be honest, there are not many options for a Dogface in Caledonia. Well, you always have mining and all of the industry that surrounds it, of course... But I'm talking about real ways out that offer money and hot women. Things like being a killer for some important clan… But no clan is going to just take you as you are. They will demand experience. And where are you going to get it? On the streets? It is not sufficient to get into the important clans… You have join the army. And if you don't want to go too far away, the Cameronians is the best thing… Although, I warn you, they don't take little girls here. We will teach you the basics of the profession: to kill. But it's important to avoid getting killed, that's something you will have to learn on your own. Here we will teach to you to hate your enemy, to gut him and want to do him the most damage possible. We will teach to you to accept to the evil beast that you carry inside, we will teach you how to unleash it and how to get the most out of it in combat. You will learn to immerse yourself in the Blood Fury. Read the motto of the regiment, boy… “Ready for the fray” that is our spirit! With the Cameronians you will always jump into battle in your Dog-Warrior form, because that is your true face, your most definitive and lethal self… The one that causes the enemy to soil their pants just seeing you. That is what we want. And when you finish your service, if you have survived, then you will be able to try to be accepted into a clan… or re-enlist, if you want. Because when one of ours has tasted blood, he always wants more…”

Recruiting Sergeant Mike Cochrane. Silver Unicorn Inn, Scone, Caledonia, Ariadna.

2nd Irregular Cameronians Reg.